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There are countless studies that show the arts as intrinsic to the development of young minds.  Whether it allows a young person to find themselves through self-expression, or solve the myriad of problems presented in the creative process, Imagine Fine Arts Academy at Tom Landry Elementary will help elevate your child’s artistic and academic endeavors to the next level.

At Tom Landry Elementary, your child will be able to experience dance, music, art, and theatre as part of their specials rotations.  This opportunity is unique to Fine Arts Academies, as most elementary schools in Texas only provide PE, Art, and Music as their electives.  In addition to being able to experience these classes on a weekly basis, your child will also get to enjoy a collaborative and integrated effort amongst all 4 disciplines in one of our many performances throughout the year.

Not only will your child get to experience growth through the arts within every school day,  Imagine Fine Arts Academy at Tom Landry Elementary also offers many extra-curricular ensembles.  Examples of past ensembles include: guitar, steel drum, one-act play, a hip-hop dance/step team, musical ensemble, ceramics, and painting ensemble.  These ensembles meet after school and showcase the best talents that Tom Landry Elementary has to offer.

Being a student at Imagine Fine Arts Academy at Tom Landry Elementary means your child will have opportunities they would not have elsewhere.  They will be encouraged to explore, create, and express, allowing them to find and pursue a passion that will be with them for the rest of their lives.

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